Mar Vista Cottages

at Anchor Bay

Vacation Lodging on the Mendocino Coast
in Northern California at Anchor Bay

We are very fortunate to be constantly meeting a wide variety of very talented people while they are visiting here at Mar Vista. We benefit immensely from seeing the world through their eyes. We genuinely appreciate Lauren's visual and literary reflections on "the cottage by the ocean."

November 9, 2012
G&T Language Arts, Unit 3 Lesson 3, Journal Entry

My Favorite Place

I love to visit the cottage by the ocean every August with my mom. During the seven-hour drive to the cottage, mom and I giggle a lot and talk about girl stuff. We are so excited to get there! When we finally arrive, I see misty gray sky and I hear the splash of the ocean waves on the beach. At the cottage, Lola, Mr. Higgins, and Pygmalion are thrilled to see us again and bleat out a loud welcome from where they are grazing on golden hay. I call out a happy “Hello” to the friendly goats and then run barefoot as fast as I can to the rope swing. The soft wet grass feels wonderful squishing between my toes. After a quick swing, I head for the hammock where I can stretch out and relax as a soft cool breeze floats over me. In the evening, Mr. Tom takes all the children to the hen house to collect freshly laid eggs from under the soft colorful feathers of proud cackling hens. The fresh eggs are the best the next morning for breakfast! That night, I grab the bag of soft sweet white fluffy marshmallows and mom and I stroll across the grounds to the warm crackling campfire. We never eat our roasted marshmallows, but we sure have fun watching them hiss and sizzle in the flames! The cottage is my FAVORITE place in the whole wide world!

PS: Lauren is 7 years old.