Mar Vista Cottages
at Anchor Bay

Wild Places

Schooner Gulch State Beach
and "Bowling Ball Beach"

Schooner Gulch State Beach

This wild place is in fact two strands of sand divided by a headland. A pleasant stream empties into the Pacific Ocean through the small southern beach. This delightful beach is easy to access and is a great place to picnic. The California State Park Service lists it as Schooner Gulch State Beach because of a tale that has long been told about a mysterious nineteenth century schooner that appeared to have beached itself one evening at the mouth of the creek, yet vanished by morning.

The northern beach is much longer and generally much more interesting from a geological point of view. Locals usually call this beach "Bowling Ball Beach" because of one of it's more famous geological points of interest. This pair of beaches is located seven miles north of Mar Vista Cottages - about ten minutes by car. (We will provide you with specific directions when you arrive.)

Bowling Ball Beach is a fairly long strand and accessibility is impacted by tidal activity. The best time to visit is definitely at low tide - minus tide being even better. (We will provide you with tidal information when you arrive.) There are several entrances to Bowling Ball Beach. One official and one used by locals. (We will brief you on both when you arrive.) Many visitors do not take the time to fully explore all of the geological wonders that are on this particular strand of sand and in the cliffs that tower above it. (We will provide you with geological information when you arrive.)

There follows a few images of this wild place. We look forward to seeing yours after your visit!

Bowling Ball Beach